Rewards & Referral Program

As you might have noticed, there's a red bubble at the bottom right corner (if you're on mobile, then hovering at the bottom) of our website. 

That red bubble is the launcher for our new rewards program and below is how it works 


5 easy ways to earn points - 

1. Sign Up: You get 1000 points, which you can redeem as a 10% off code

2. Instagram Follow: After you sign up, follow our Instagram and get another 1000 points

3. Facebook Like: Same as above. Like our Facebook page and get 1000 points

4. Facebook Share: Share our watchbands on Facebook and get 1000 points

5. Place An Order: Get 30 points for every $1


For every 1000 points, you'll receive a 10% off code


It doesn't end here, last but not least, there's a referral program you can find by scrolling down the launcher. 

It's simple - copy the generated code and share it to your friends via email, twitter, and facebook. You get $5 off and your friend gets a 10% off code!

The launcher is at the bottom right corner - go take advantage now!